What is Emotional Health?
A Picture of Your Destination

A few years ago I hadn't even wondered about the question, "What is emotional health?" - much less did I know I needed an answer. Yet how can you get somewhere when you don't know where you're going?

As time passed, it became very apparent to me that my emotions had control of me and I was at their mercy. I lived according to how I felt and how things affected me, how something struck me, and what I thought about things.

Slowly I began to learn about myself and how dysfunctional I was, but try as I might, I could never quite get it right. I had lived things in a dysfunctional manner for so long and I didn't have an example of what the "right" way was.

~"What am I missing?" I wondered.
"Where am I going?"~

Then one day I had a breakthrough on my emotional health journey, and suddenly I had a glimpse of what if felt like to be more emotionally healthy. "So this is what it looks like! This is what it FEELS like!" were the thoughts running through my head.

Until that moment, I knew I was traveling away from what wasn't working and toward something better, but what was it? I had read everything I could get my hands on and went through one-on-one counseling. I had listened to audio-books and radio programs, and did the recommended exercises.

~I had road map after road map,
but no idea of my destination!~

You already know what it's like to live emotionally unhealthy - you've been living it day in and day out, probably since you were a child. It is a life of anger and resentment, emotional outbursts, demands, subtle or overt manipulation, guilt trips, sarcasm, defensiveness, heartache, depression, anxiety, addictions, and abuse among other things.

So the question remains, "What is emotional health?" Continue to to read a picture of what emotional health looks like.

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