The Importance of Nutrition

I cannot stress enough the importance of nutrition on your emotional health. I have been personally astounded by the effect nutrition has had on me, and from what I've read and researched, I am not alone.

It is shocking to me what we so easily put into our bodies, not realizing the effects food and other substances have on our emotional health. Literally, sometimes I shock myself!

I too struggle with choosing healthy foods to eat, and I have done my share of research into nutrition for good mental, physical, and emotional health. There are so many emotions associated with food, not to mention other substances. And there are physical reactions to what we put into our bodies, so much so that certain foods and substances easily become addictive.

In the following pages I will attempt to address the following topics among others:

The following pages contain what I have discovered over the years in the area of nutrition and natural health and healing. Here are some items you will read about concerning the importance of nutrition:

  • Healthy food tips
  • Stories of my own struggles
  • What supplements I take
  • What natural health remedies I have found useful, including those that really do help with anxiety, depression, and PMS symptoms
  • Suggestions of books and resources to help you on your way
  • Some of my favorite recipes
  • Busted myths
  • Suggested websites for obtaining healthy foods and supplies

I certainly have enjoyed researching nutrition over the years and slowly changing my eating and supplement habits to benefit my emotional health. I hope these pages will benefit you also.

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