Loving Yourself Begins with
Healing the Inner Child

I first learned about healing the inner child in counseling. I didn't even know I had an inner child, but I soon met her.

While doing my inner child work, I discovered that there was a part of myself that I had buried many years ago. A little girl who was left confused, scared, hurt, lonely, and angry. I learned much from her about how to love myself, but also how much she needs to be healed.

Each of us has our own memories - good and bad - from childhood. Whatever your memories, they are yours and no one else's. Whatever needs healing in you needs healing regardless of what your parents or anyone else might think. You need to honor yourself in this process and even reparent yourself.

After one of my counseling sessions, my wise counselor recommended that I write my younger self a letter. Even just the words we speak can go a great distance in healing the inner child. Here is part of my first letter to my younger self:

    Dear Sweet Little One,

    What a beautiful little girl you are! Are you 3? Come sit on my lap and talk to me for a while. Would you like to snuggle?

    What a precious gift from God you are.

    Would you like to play a game with me? Do a puzzle? Play in the sandbox? Would you like to swing with me? Maybe we could play tag. I love spending time with you! You are such a blessing to have in my life!

    You can always tell me anything you know, and I will listen to you. If you are happy, you can tell me – shout it to me even! I will be happy for you and proud of you and take joy in your joy.

    If you are sad or angry, that is okay. You can tell me how you feel, and I will listen to you. Your feelings are all okay.

    If you are confused, just ask me, and I will try to help you understand.

    If you are lonely, come to me and I will spend time with you. If you need some loves, I will cuddle you and hug you and give you lots of kisses - whatever you need.

    If you are scared or worried, come tell me, and we will pray together and ask God to take away your fears and protect you from danger. And I will hold you until you feel better.

    Tell me what’s on your heart little one. I will listen to you and not judge you.

    I’ll nurture you and everything about you. I'll spend time with you. That’s what I’ll do, because I know that’s what you need. I know that’s how you feel loved. I’ll do all this because I love you . . .

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