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Here's what I want you to know about me:

 The paths to emotional health are seemingly endless. And because we have limited time and energy to spend, it makes sense to take the best route possible. As a wife and a mother of 3 young children, I relate to having limited time and energy.

     That's why I hope to pass on what I've learned on my journey to emotional health through articles and resources on this site. It's a way for me to share things you might relate to, pass on information that can help open your eyes to growth and healing, and for me to use my God-given skills as an author and infopreneur.

 Besides that, I love working on computers! I have ever since my brother and I got our first Texas Instruments computer when we were kids. He used to read me code and I'd type it in and we'd create something on the screen. Back then that was waaaay cool!

     Now I am so blessed to be able to create my own site through Site Build It and I'm absolutely loving being a work at home mom. I spent quite a while looking for legit work from home jobs, and I'm happy to say I've found a great one!

     My relationship with God, my marriage, my family, and my emotional health stay my top priorities, and yet I can use my passions and gifts in a way I never thought possible. And I am able to earn a passive income all at the same time, without even leaving my house. 

     I hope and pray the words I have written will inspire you to break free from unhealthy ways of interacting with those closest to you and everyone you meet. I am only one voice in a sea of voices, but if my voice is one that touches you, I am humbled and grateful to be that person.

     May God bless you on your journey to emotional health,





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